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Library Information

This page contains information about the Library.

Library Mission Statement

The primary mission of the libraries of South Plains College is to support the academic, vocational-technical, continuing education and community service programs of the college by providing students, faculty, staff, and the community with the information resources and services they need to achieve their educational objectives. A secondary mission of the libraries is to provide students and faculty with an assortment of recreational and general interest materials for their reading, listening, and viewing enjoyment.

To accomplish the library mission, the libraries will employ an adequate number of trained librarians and support staff to implement the programs and services of the libraries, will purchase appropriate print and non-print materials in sufficient number to serve the needs of their users, will organize these materials for easy access, will teach students how to use library materials and services, will make the materials and services of the libraries available a sufficient number of hours, will provide appropriate facilities and equipment for housing and using materials, and will continually seek to improve both the quality and quantity of the resources and services of the libraries.

Adopted by the Library Committee, April 14, 1992
Revised January 7, 1993
Revised and adopted by the Library Committee, August 23, 2005